Casino Night Party Package Price List:


Texas Hold-Em Poker-  $180.00 $150.00            Blackjack-  $165.00 $130.00

1 Poker Table                                                                  1 Blackjack Table

1 Poker Dealer                                                                 1 Dealer

1 Dealer Button                                                                1 Card Dealing Shoe

Professional Playing Cards                                                 4 Decks of Casino Quality Cards

Casino Quality Clay Chips                                                   1 Discard Tray

                                                                                       Casino Quality Clay Chips


Roulette-  $195.00  $160.00                              3-Card Poker  $170.00 $140.00

1 Casino Size Roulette Table                                               1 3-Card Poker Table

1 Dealer                                                                            1 Dealer

1 20 inch Wood Roulette Wheel                                            Professional Playing Cards

1 Ball Marker                                                                     Casino Quality Clay Chips

Casino Quality Roulette Chips                                              Player Instructions Cards   



Craps-  $525.00 $370.00                                    Super Craps-  $625.00 $460.00

1 Full-Size Casino Craps Table                                            "Can Accomadate 22 Players!"

3 Dealers                                                                           3 Dealers

2 On/Off Buttons                                                                 2 On/Off Buttons

1 Stick & Dice Boat                                                              1 Stick & Dice Boat

Casino Quality Dice                                                             Casino Quality Dice

Casino Quality Clay Chips                                                    Casino Quality Clay Chips


Ultimate Texas Hold-Em*-  $170.00 $140.00    Pai Gow Poker$170.00 $140.00      

1 Ultimate Texas Hold-em Table                                   1 Pai Gow Table                                    

1 Dealer                                                                      1 Dealer

Professional Playing Cards                                             Professional Playing Cards                        

Casino Quality Clay Chips                                              Casino Quality Clay Chips

Player Instructions Cards                                               Player Instructions Cards  

* Ultimate Texas Hold-em is the hottest new table game in town, where

players play against the dealer instead of each other. Anyone who likes

to play Texas Hold-Em Poker will absolutely love this game.


♠ We are currently slashing our already low prices and offering “Special Showcase Pricing” on all

of our table packages.

♠ Our simple pricing structure allows you to custom design your own package

in order to best meet the needs of your event.

♠ Additional Discounts and Special Offers are available.

** Note: Dealer's Receive Holiday Bonus Pay For Parties on all Weekends In The Month Of December **